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Collagen Type II
Type II Collagen is the type of collagen found in certain types of cartilage within the body. Collagen is a naturally-occurring group of proteins found in humans as well as other vertebrates. This group of proteins is responsible for helping to build various connective tissues in the body.

Type II Collagen is the primary type of collagen found in both hyaline and articular cartilages. Hyaline cartilage does not contain any blood vessels or nerves and is found in areas of the body such as the ribs, larynx, and trachea. Articular cartilage contains no blood vessels and is seen in areas including the ear, nose, and knee.

Collagen is renowned for its role in promoting tissue repair. Because of this, Type II Collagen is often used in skin care products to produce an anti-aging effect on the skin. These effects can be somewhat controversial, so care should be taken when choosing a skin-care routine. Type IICollagen is the group of proteins responsible for creating the movable joints of the body.

It is also instrumental in helping to form the various connective tissues of the body. Due to this role of Type II Collagen, it has been studied extensively in an effort to treat medical conditions relating to these parts of the body.

Collagen Type II
Tests have shown that Type II Collagen is replete with a substance known as chondroitin sulfate. This compound has been credited with having an anti-inflammatory effect on certain connective tissues of the body. For this reason, it is often used in medications designed to treat conditions such as arthritis. Many studies have concluded that this compound is safer and has fewer side effects than other anti-inflammatory preparations, including ibuprofen.

Cartilage Matrix Glycoprotein, also known as CMGP, is another substance found in Type II Collagen. CMGP carries copper, a trace mineral necessary to the healthy functioning of the body, to the small cells located in the cartilage that forms the joints. This action helps improve theantioxidant protection in the joints. Another benefit is that it helps to keep the joints functioning properly by keeping them lubricated as well as cushioned.

Type II Collagen is available as a dietary supplement. It is reputed to help with hair and nail growth as well as being beneficial to those with bone and joint discomfort. It is generally marketed in the form of a capsule. Dosage requirements vary, so medical supervision of this, as well as any other dietary supplement, is strongly recommended.



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